Transform Your Business Through Prayer

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that Your way may be known on earth and Your saving power among all nations.
– Psalm 67:1-2

The business community is a critical pillar of God’s redemptive plan for Arkansas. There is a growing number of business leaders in Arkansas coming together to glorify Jesus through their business both at home and around the world. A business culture is being created in Arkansas where the character and power of God are clearly demonstrated through local businesses. 

Society’s reliance on the marketplace makes it a prime opportunity for Jesus to be glorified. God is raising up business influences through whom He can demonstrate His power and accomplish His purpose. Business leaders across Arkansas are aligning with God’s purpose and witnessing God’s miraculous provision to advance the gospel in greater ways. There is a profound social impact designated by God for the marketplace, and praying business leaders are integral to God’s great work in Arkansas.


Arkansas For Christ was founded with the business community in mind. In November 2013 the Lord began to speak Logan Bloom about a movement of 500 “Marketplace Messengers” beginning in Central Arkansas that would be integral to a great work of God. Business leaders are catching this vision and have committed themselves to God’s provision, purpose and partnership, and to regular pray together for their businesses. What these groups have encountered has transformed their businesses and, if multiplied, will transform our cities, state and nation. Jesus is raising up 500 business influencers in Central Arkansas to advance the gospel in unprecedented ways, and you can be part of the story.
As this movement expands, Logan Bloom has developed a six-week series for small groups of business leaders that desire to honor God in greater ways and grow in prayer. Marketplace Messengers is a free six-week series designed for any small group of business leaders to discover God’s heart for business. These conversations set a foundation for any size business to recognize God’s provision, align with God’s purpose and be launched into effective, relational partnership with God. Business leaders are being called out of isolation and into a movement of likeminded influencers not into a gospel of prosperity but for the prosperity of the gospel. Together we will witness the miraculous provision of God and advance the gospel in Arkansas and around the world. Contact us for more information.


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