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Ways to Pray For Arkansas in June 2018

Arkansas For Christ shares this monthly regional prayer guide put together by the CityChurch Network of Arkansas to coordinate united prayer in Arkansas. This is intended to be a resource to supplement to Leader Prayer Groups and other personal and corporate times of prayer. Please partner with us in prayer for Arkansas by taking time

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Building the House of Prayer in Arkansas

I want to ask you to pray with me about what I believe could be a very significant moment for Arkansas. It has long been on my heart so see Arkansas covered in continuous prayer by the collective effort of churches across the state. Scripture describes a global movement of continual prayer before the completion

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One Voice: Uniting Prayer in Central Arkansas

America is facing crippling division. We are being devastated by divisions of race, gender, sexuality, politics, wealth, geography, and so much more. Our churches have been fractured by these divisions along with the pains of our history, denominationalism and preferential differences. The message of the gospel is becoming discredited in our divided communities, especially among

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