A Great Work of God in Arkansas

In June 2013 the Lord impressed a sentence on my heart: “I am about to do a great work in the church in Arkansas.” Afterward I began to hear from several others who had moved to Arkansas having heard the same word. Since then several national ministry leaders have shared similar impressions about Arkansas. I have set my face to seek the Lord about this “great work” with fasting and prayer and I believe we are seeing it now unfold before us.


I recently traveled to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) to spend a few days in prayer and meet with some of their leadership. “God is doing a sovereign work in Arkansas” was the repeated response as I shared the stories of our progress. They confirmed my suspicion that we are part of a great work of God right now in Arkansas. The combined impact of the business community, churches and political officials beginning to pray and work together is profound. We are coming into alignment with God’s redemptive purpose for Arkansas.


I can recognize the growth of three major prayer movements that will greatly impact Arkansas in the next year. First is a movement of local churches to cover Arkansas in layers of 24/7 prayer called “Arkansas Prays.” Second is a movement of business leaders who are united in prayer and purpose for the advance of the kingdom of God in Arkansas. Third is a movement of government officials who are committed in prayer for the purposes of God for Arkansas. We are mobilizing hundreds of business leaders, local/state officials, and churches into a statewide movement of prayer that I can only describe as a great work of God!


Please join with me in prayer for this great work. Your involvement and support plays a very meaningful part. Only together can we step into the next season of God’s great plan for Arkansas. You can learn more about what the Lord is doing in the areas of Praying Churches, Business and Government on the Arkansas For Christ website. You can also sign up below for my mailing list if you have not already to stay informed about these unfolding movements. I am filled with great faith in the transformative power of prayer and God’s great plans for the church in Arkansas.


Have you heard of similar words from the Lord over Arkansas? I would be greatly encouraged if you would share them in the comments below.

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  1. I live close to Fairfield Bay, Arkansas and recently saw business in action at the ground breaking ceremony for our new hotel. The first words spoken by one the speakers was a verse in Psalm, this is the day the Lord hath made. I will tejoice and be glad in it. The mayor spoke of the many times when it looked as if the project would not come to fruition the prayers saved it.

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